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Welcome To Sex And Metal - The No.1 Spot For BDSM Gear, Bondage Equipment, Dungeon Furniture & BDSM Toys

Sex and Metal designs one of a kind bondage gear, cuffs, restraints, rigid irons, bondage fiddles, yokes and more. We are always looking for new ways to restrain and keep our customers captivated. Each piece of our BDSM equipment and bondage gear is individually hand crafted in to a one of a kind collectable item, every piece is unique. Our bondage restraints have been heated, bent, twisted and crafted in to the exquisite bondage equipment that will last a lifetime. Our bondage spreader bars are skillfully handcrafted from the high quality cold-rolled steel for increased toughness. The bondage equipment we have created was built by kinksters with kinksters in mind, so you can guarantee that it will be functional, artistic and extremely pleasing to the eye. Our bondage spreader bars have multiple functions and are usually 3 or 4-in-one pieces of bondage equipment, so it's like you are buying more than one bondage device at a time. Combine our unique wrist and handcuffs, rope and steel to keep idle hands out of the action and out of the way. Handcuffs are great for wrist restraint and ease of use and our cuffs offer the great versatility and opportunities to add rope to your bondage experience.

Bondage & Dungeon Furniture Made From Solid Steel

Our dungeon furniture for extreme bondage enthusiasts includes a unique selection of bondage cages, BDSM furniture and dungeon equipment that is ideal for any home, studio or dungeon. From basic metal restraints to extreme bondage torture racks, We've got the BDSM furniture that will furnish the dungeon you have always fantasized about. If you are only starting out on your BDSM journey we have some great bondage for beginners toys and equipment that'll be perfect for your new and exciting adventure. So if you have a room or basement you have always wanted to turn in to your own personal dungeon space? Check out our unique selection of one off bondage furniture, including cages, our variation of crosses and bondage racks.

CBT Devices - Cock and Ball Devices For Cock Torture

Sex and Metal's steel cock and ball toys are deviously perfect for cock and ball torture. We offer a wide variety of CBT devices that you'll find extremely exciting. Our line of metal CBT Devices add a new and exciting twist to cock and ball torture. With one twist of our sharpened thumb screws you could have your subject You'd even bring a seasoned cock and ball tourte player to his knees! CBT with a ball busting twist !!

BDSM Devices - Bondage & BDSM Toys For Beginner to Pro!

Check out our line of BDSM devices, pinwheels and anal toys, our line of sensation and penetration are one of a kind steel BDSM toys and gear for beginner BDSM players the seasoned pro. We have something for everyone here at sex and metal and Our Holiday sale is selling our BDSM products faster than ever. If you see something you like you should get it before it goes out of stock.

Impact Toys Silicone and Leather Floggers, Whips and Canes

Sex and Metal's impact toys are built to perfection. With our blend of leather, steel & silicone our impact toys will not only last a lifetime, they will always look amazing and throw with precision. Sex and Metal impact toys are built to last. All of our silicone/rubber floggers feature an assortment of the stunning steel handles you expect from Sex and Metal but utilize heavier, high-strength silicone falls for more impact than our leather flogging whips. Our silicone floggers are vegan-friendly as well as easy to clean and sanitize. Here at Sex and Metal we import the finest cow hide leather from all over the world and use it to create the soft strips or falls of these leather floggers. Then we secure the leather falls into one of our beautifully designed steel flogger handles to create a leather flogger that will exceed your expectations for beauty and functionality.

All of our unique products, bondage gear, BDSM toys and furniture is made from cold rolled steel that is skillfully bent, twisted and crafted in to the highest quality equipment. Finished in either our transparent candy apple red or clear powder coat which both let the natural steel shine through.