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Limited Edition Wartenberg Pinwheel

Was $29.99 Now Only $14.99 (Sheath Included)

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The Anal Joystick is a unisex stainless steel insertable sex toy.

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Aug 20, 2015

Six Essential BDSM Toys For Beginners and Pros Alike

With all this 50 Shades of Grey hype, the mainstream public seems to have given itself the social approval to indulge in their kinks, albeit less surreptitiously. Whether you love ...
Aug 20, 2015

How to use Vaginal & Anal Hooks to ‘Hook Up’ Your BDSM Play

There is growing popularity within the BDSM community for incorporating the use of anal and vaginal hooks into BDSM play. These devices are typically a more advanced toy for e...
Aug 20, 2015

There's Not Enough Actual BDSM & Bondage Toys To Go Around

Fifty Shades of Grey popularity has resulted in the market being flooded with BDSM gear and bondage toys. Not that the market wasn't previously flooded with inexpensive and cheaply...
Aug 20, 2015

Electro Sex Devices That Will Amp Up Kink 10 Fold

For the more experimental kinksters, electro sex can be an unique and titillating adventure. When most people think of electro sex or electro toys, they think these devices are onl...


Sex and Metal's pinwheel collection has a pinwheel to suit any and all of your deviant needs. From the classic wartenberg pinwheel to the severe pinwheel our tantalizing pinwheels are sure to make your subject squeal. Whether your aim is to gentle tease, lightly sting, or build into an intoxicating mixture of sensual pain our steel and stainless steel pinwheels are certain to delight  excited and frighten.

The Severe Pinwheel (Raw Steel)

$119.99 119.99

Out of stock

The Medieval Pinwheel

Regular Price: $29.95

Special Price: $14.99 14.99

Wartenberg Pinwheel

$8.99 8.99

Out of stock

3 Wheel Pinwheel

Regular Price: $34.99

Special Price: $17.99 17.99

5 Wheel Pinwheel

Regular Price: $35.99

Special Price: $19.99 19.99

7 Wheel Wartenberg Pinwheel

Regular Price: $39.99

Special Price: $24.99 24.99

The Extreme Pinwheel

Regular Price: $129.00

Special Price: $19.99 19.99

Out of stock

The Extreme Pinwheel

$14.99 14.99

Out of stock

Limited Edition Red Wartenberg Pinwheel & Leather Sheath

Regular Price: $24.99

Special Price: $14.99 14.99

The Severe Pinwheel (Candy Apple Red)

$119.99 119.99

Out of stock

BDSM Toys & Bondage Gear

All of our unique products, bondage gear, and BDSM toys are made from cold rolled steel that is skillfully bent, twisted and crafted into the highest quality equipment. Finished in either our transparent candy apple red or clear powder coat which both let the natural steel shine through. Our wide selection of steel bondage handcuffs have been heated, bent, twisted and crafted into the exquisite bondage equipment that will last a lifetime. All of our bondage equipment like our wide variety of pinwheels were created by kinksters with kinksters in mind, so you can guarantee that it will be functional, artistic and extremely pleasing to the eye – and thoroughly punishing to the subject. And our stainless steel jeweled butt plugs are an anal indulgence that any anal enthusiast will be proud to show off.


The Nipple Traps

Regular Price: $59.99

Special Price: $34.99 34.99

Metal Hand Traps

$169.00 169

Out of stock

The Basketcase Handcuffs

$99.99 99.99

The Sphere Bondage Handcuffs

Regular Price: $99.99

Special Price: $49.99 49.99

Japanese Clover Clamps

$20.99 20.99

Black Japanese Clover Clamps

$20.99 20.99

Trans-Purple Nipple Traps

Regular Price: $50.00

Special Price: $39.99 39.99

Trans-Purple Basket Case Handcuffs

$99.99 99.99

Out of stock

The Trans-Purple Sphere Bondage Restraints

$99.99 99.99

Trans-Purple Wrist Traps / Hand Restraints

$99.00 99

Bondage Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps are a great addition to any BDSM toy kit, especially for those new to BDSM, there is no learning curve needed with nipple toys, just adjust and clamp them on the nipple. Adjusting nipple clamps is easy and provides varying levels of pain and pressure. Depending on the design of the toy adjustments, will vary. Make sure to test out the clamps pressure to suit your partners (or your) level of comfort.


The Nipple Traps

Regular Price: $59.99

Special Price: $34.99 34.99

Adjustable Nipple Clamps

$35.00 35

Out of stock

The Nippitine Nipple Clamps

Regular Price: $20.00

Special Price: $12.99 12.99

Out of stock

Fifty Shades of Grey Adjustable Nipple Clamps

$19.99 19.99

Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Clamp Rings

$14.99 14.99

Jeweled Steel Magnetic Nipple Clamps

Regular Price: $44.99

Special Price: $29.99 29.99

Fetish Pom Pom Nipple Clamps

$14.99 14.99

Tweezer Nipple Clamps With Chain

$21.99 21.99

Y Style Tweezer Nipple & Clit Clamp

Regular Price: $29.99

Special Price: $19.99 19.99

Y Style Alligator Nipple Clamp with Clit Clamp

$28.99 28.99


We know how much careful consideration and planning goes into the art of pleasure and pain. The Sexandmetal.com Sphere Bondage Handcuffs is an aesthetic testament to the attention they pay to every detail. These bondage restraints have been built to last out of raw steel.

Price: $99.99

ONLY $49.99



Featured BDSM Sex Lube

wicked sex lube, lubricant by WICKED sensual care collection


About us

We celebrate artful pleasure and invite you to peruse our imaginative and exciting line of BDSM gear, dungeon furniture, BDSM toys and bondage equipment. We are a sex-positive company, dedicated to the exploration and acceptance of BDSM and Kink. Through the use of our elite bondage gear and BDSM toys we generate opportunities for our customers to broaden their...



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" I am very pleased with my entire order, it shipped right away and I have already enjoyed and put them to good use on my slave. Great job!!! "


" Great quality and unique products "


" love love love our new toys Thanks "


" My fav store to get all the kinky toys for my cam shows. Lube, cock rings, whips, chains the lot. Sex & Metal is awesome. "


" Love receiving compliments for how the ring allows me to deliver super thick entertainment that lasts longer and keeps my balls down for the full ride. Last worn on road trip for 500 miles of being teased to full hardness and back down. Made for the best "


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